Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear ____,

I love your inner peace.  Even in the worst of times, when the weight of the world is clearly on your shoulders, you manage to keep your calm.  Even during a meltdown, when you're crying and lingering in sadness, you stay steady.  I can think of only one time in the last 5 years when you've lost your cool and become truly hysterical - it was in the passenger seat of that car on that night...the night of the last straw.

I love the care you take in selecting your friends and the kindness with which you treat them.  You do not waste your life and your love with and on people who do not deserve it.  You gravitate toward other people, like yourself, who enjoy life and don't take things too seriously.  When your friends need help, you help them.  When your friends make mistakes, you forgive them.  You share in their joy and you comfort them through their sadness.  You worry for them deeply because you care deeply.  You are selfless with these few who have earned your trust and love.

I love your sensuality.  Somehow you've managed to emerge from that cocoon of insecurity (middle school) a beautiful creature in your own eyes.  That awkward self-consciousness is gone.  You are confident of your sex appeal and you have no hang-ups about expressing that sensuality to the few you let in.  You are carefree and gorgeous.  Nothing exists when you're in his arms but that moment.

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