Monday, June 2, 2008

Becoming Wise in Love

One of the greatest yearnings in life is to be loved. Since it is greatly yearned for, it stands to reason that it's missing.

Perhaps the reason it is absent from many is because its true characteristics are not quite understood nor is it clear where it should begin.

If you are someone who wants to have true and unconditional love, then you need to adhere to wise counsel. True love is a behavior powered by specific beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that begin with self-application and self-demonstration.

So what are these specific beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that should begin with you? Here are a few:

You will not give up on yourself. Love suffers long.

You are a protector, nurturer, cultivator and preserver of your mind, body and soul. Love is kind.

You do not speak, think or behave in ways that reflect self-hate, inferiority or lack of self-respect. Love does not envy.

The negative words or actions of others are not effective in making you question your own worth or value. Love is not provoked.

Despite your hardships or challenges you are continuous in your courage, encouragement and perseverance. Love endures all things.

You build inner resilience as long as the application and capacity for loving yourself grows. The love you have deposited is reflected in your expression and treatment to others. You know the power in being loving is greater than being loved. You will love yourself even when it seems no one else will. Love never fails.

So, if you are yearning to be loved, take a lesson from the wise and take ownership for making sure you begin applying love to yourself first. Experience its power and the law of attraction will begin to manifest the quality of love from others that you require. This is how you become wise in love.

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